The Event:

The event consists of single-tracked lectures and hands-on practical demonstration and development sessions, lead by world class researchers, developers and responders. Attendees with have the opportunity to better understand the challenges and capabilities in this domain and network with their peers, responders and industry. The DHS-NISTASTM International Standard Test Methods for Response Robots (E54.08.01) will form the common language by which students, researchers, responders, manufacturers and government communicate their capabilities and requirements.

The Organisations:

This event is sponsored by the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society under the RAS Technical Education Program. It will be run by the Curtin University Department of Computing with the support of the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering, and in collaboration with Robolit LLC, the Intelligent Systems Division of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the International RoboCup Federation through the RoboCupRescue Robot League. Practical sessions will be held in collaboration with the Perth Artifactory, Perth’s very own HackerSpace.

Organising Committee:

General Chair

  • Dr Raymond Sheh, Senior Lecturer, Department of Computing, Curtin University


  • Assoc Prof Mihai Lazarescu, Head of Department, Department of Computing, Curtin University
  • Dr Haldun Komsuoglu, President, Robolit LLC


  • Adam Jacoff, Project Leader, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US Department of Commerce

Related Events:

The Response Robotics Summer School 2014 forms part of a series of co-ordinated events through 2014 that seek to advance the state of SSRR and Response Robotics through encouraging collaboration and dissemination of challenges and Best-in-Class technologies. These include the 2014 RoboCupRescue Robot League Regional Opens and World Championships, the 2014 IEEE-RAS International Symposium on Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics and the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals.

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