From the 26th to the 30th of September 2014 in Perth, Western Australia

A Hands-On Summer School and Workshop for Graduate Students and Early Career Researchers on the Challenges and Best-in-Class Robotic Solutions for Remote Handling in Response Situations


Welcome to the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Response Robotics Summer School and Workshop 2014!


Registrations are now open! This event is capacity limited so we encourage participants to register early. We will begin assigning places in late June. Late Registrations, with an increased fee, will commence in August. Late Registrations will close at the end of August.


Please send an email to with “Registration” somewhere in the subject line and containing the following information.

  • Full name (matching your ID), title, gender and date of birth.
  • Institution (include your department - enough info so we can look you up!), Company, Agency or Organisation. This may be the name of your affiliated HackerSpace if that is your main relevant affiliation.
  • Contact phone number, postal address and email address (if you would like us to not use the one you're sending from).
    • Also let us know if you do NOT wish to have your name, institution and (obfuscated) email address included in the event directory (which will be distributed to registered attendees and thus may end up public).
  • Status, which should be one of the following, along with associated information to help us confirm eligibility and better understand who is coming so we can tune the program accordingly:
    • Student
      • Include PhD, Masters or Undergraduate.
      • Include the title of your thesis (or a concise description of your research topic if you do not yet have a set thesis title).
      • Include the name of your advisor (and institution if not the same as yours).
      • Include how many years in - we promise we won't share this! ;-)
    • Academic (including Academic staff)
      • Include your position title. If you like, feel free to also state the equivalent in either the Australian or US academic system.
    • Industry, Government or Response Organisation Representative
      • Include your position title.
    • Other
      • Include enough info for us to know who you represent!
  • Citizenship (including if you require a letter from us to obtain a visa to travel to Australia).
  • Any other information mentioned below to confirm your eligibility and/or to help us make arrangements to support demos, etc. that you may wish to provide.

Once we confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria to attend, we will direct you to the registration fee payment website. Payment will be processed by Curtin University and may be made using Visa, MasterCard or American Express.


This event aims to be a driver for research and development into response robotics and thus we must ask for some information from you before we can confirm eligibility to attend. For students, we simply want to see that you are working in related research, or have an academic advisor/supervisor that can vouch for your interest in pursuing related research.

For others, we simply want to make sure that we have a good understanding of the shape that your involvement will take at the event - if you're intending on giving a presentation, giving a commercial demo, undertaking marketing activities or the like, for example, we'd need to know about it and make arrangements (and, if there is too much interest, limit the number of such activities to keep things manageable!). Alternatively, we may suggest that the co-located Bomb Response Technology Seminar may be the better event for you and direct you to that event instead.

We will make every effort to respond to your registration within 3 days (although this may take longer if it's difficult to find out about you!).


We welcome all research students (including undergraduates) with an interest in this field. When you apply, please attach your CV, which should include the name of your institution, your research topic, and a list of publications. If you do not yet have a publication history, please ask your supervisor/advisor (who should be an academic at your institution) to send a brief email in support of your attendance to Make sure they include your name so we know who it's for!

Note that if you are a student and also intend on representing a non-academic entity, please also follow the relevant instructions below.

Academics, Early Career Researchers and other Academic Research Staff

We welcome the attendance of all academic researchers, including those who have recently graduated, who have an interest in this field. As more experienced attendees, we encourage you to come prepared to share your experiences and guidance, formal or otherwise, and take the opportunity to network with the other attendees, representatives of responder organisations, industry and government represenatives.

If you have a particular research interest that you wish to offer or, conversely, investigate at the event, please do let us know. Also let us know if you would like to have a more formal opportunity to present a talk to the group on your research interests, we still have some time slots available. Finally, if you are aware that Googling your name and institution doesn't turn up information that represents your current research interests, please include a reference to some of your recent publications.

Representatives of Industry

We welcome the attendance of representatives of industry at this event, especially those developing solutions to specific challenges faced by responders in the field. Please contact us at to discuss how to best integrate your efforts with our event.

Do note that while we welcome attendees sharing their challenges, interests and capabilities, commercial or otherwise, the RRSS+W is not a sales event or a marketing expo. It is expected that all attendees will be participating, in some way, in the technical program.

Representatives of Responder Organisations

We warmly welcome representatives of responder organisations. Please contact us at to discuss possible arrangements.

Representatives of Media

We certainly welcome media interest in this event! This includes non-traditional media, such as active bloggers. Please contact us at to discuss if we can make arrangements for you to be present. Naturally we are also happy to provide press releases and other materials closer to, and after, the event, and can arrange for interviews, even if you are not registered.

Interested Members of the Community

We realise that you don't need to be at a university or a tech company to come up with good ideas.

Perth has a terrific community of tinkerers, “makers”, and other self-identified groups who have an interest and experience in robotics, computer science, mechanics, electronics and related topics, and a desire to learn more and contribute, but who are unable to attend as an affiliate of a university, company or the like. We still welcome your participation!

In such circumstances, we will naturally need to determine eligibility to attend on a case-by-case basis and, unfortunately, without the backing of an academic institution, company or related organisation, the bar to prove eligibility will be a little higher.

If you do have a publication history in a past career, let us know in your application. Likewise, if you have been undertaking related robotics projects in your spare time and have a website, news articles, and so-on describing these, you've mentored or lead a RoboCup Junior team or some other robotics competition, if you're active in the “hackerspace” community and have people in that community who can vouch for you, or the like. As long as you can convince us that you know what you're doing and have something to contribute and/or something to take away from this event (and we still have space), we'd love to have you join us!

Interactive Poster Session Presentations

On the final day of the event, we will be holding a limited number of student paper presentations and interactive poster session. These will consist of a short 10 minute talk in the afternoon, followed by a 2 hour interactive session (similar to those held at the IROS/ICRA/RSS conferences). At these interactive sessions, presenters will be provided with a backboard on which posters may be affixed, a table on which demonstration material may be placed, and a monitor on which a presentation or demonstration may be played. The interactive session will be attended by a wider academic and industry audience.

If you would like to take part in the interactive session, please send an abstract of your presentation along with your registration package. Note that places are limited.


We charge a registration fee in order to cover the cost of the venue, meals and to help us to offer student travel scholarships to those who must travel long distances to attend this event.

The early registration period finished at the end of September. The registration fees below reflect the fees in the late registration period. The period in which you registered is determined by the date at which your registration email was received.

The cost of standard early registration will be $400 AUD inclusive of GST. Registration fees include lunch and the social dinner. This fee is non-refundable.

The cost for current Full and Concession Members of the Perth Artifactory (not Casual Members) and current Student Members of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society will be $300 AUD inclusive of GST. This fee is non-refundable. (Note: Student membership of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society for one year is $35 USD. Full membership of the Perth Artifactory for one month is $70 AUD.)

Alternatively, current Full and Concession Members of the Perth Artifactory (not Casual Members) may participate in the events on Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th, held at the Artifactory, free of charge. Note that lunch is not included in this case and you must still register by sending email to .

Note that membership (Perth Artifactory Membership or IEEE-RAS Student Membership) must be current as of the 1st of September 2014.

All participants must be registered in advance. There will be no on-site registrations available.

In our reply to your registration email, we will let you know the procedure by which the registration fee may be paid. Your payment will be processed by Curtin University, which accepts Mastercard and Visa.

Registration Fee Waivers

Attendees are encouraged to bring highly relevant, working implementations of their research to demonstrate to fellow attendees, within the DHS-NIST-ASTM International Standard Test Methods for Response Robots. Demonstrations sought include, but are not limited to, novel sensing, artificial intelligence, mobility, manipulation, mechanisms and user interfaces, that address gaps in current response robot capabilities. A small number of registration fee waivers will be granted to students and researchers from academic institutions who bring such demonstrations, eligibility for which will be decided by the Organising Committee. Please contact us at to discuss eligibility and arrangements for the demonstration. Applications for these waivers will close at the end of July.

Note that while this waiver is only for representatives of academic institutions (students and researchers). Attendees from non-academic sectors are also encouraged to bring demonstrations of highly relevant technologies to contribute to the technical program and/or demonstrate within the operational scenarios and standard test methods. Please contact us to make arrangements and to discuss possible assistance (such as possible fee waivers) that we may be able to provide.

Travel Support Scholarships

With funding from the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, Members Activity Board, the Organising Committee are able to offer a small number of competitive travel support scholarships to student members of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. These scholarships will include the registration fee, twin-share accommodation and a partial reimbursement of travel expenses.

To apply for these scholarships, please include in your registration email the following details (in addition to those outlined above):

  • Your IEEE membership number. Note that you must be a student number at the time of the event.
  • Proof of enrollment in your educational institution. A scan of your student card with an expiry date is sufficient.
  • A cover letter of no more than 1 page outlining your activities in this area and how attending the RRSS+W will help to further progress in this field.

We will be deciding on travel support scholarship awards on a rolling basis so apply early!

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